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Alpha Startup Fundraising I Access Control to Alpha Startup Data

Our utility NFTs redefine how funding is raised by immediately including community as tokenholders. The NFT also grants you access to the valuable data in our marketplace on the best alpha startups to invest in as defined by our community The i3D Angel NFT forms an essential part of the i3D Protocol for Due Diligence

Part 1: 2,222Unique Angels redefining fundraising

  • Access Control: Your i3D Angel smart contract is encrypted to allow you access to the data on our double sided marketplace giving you valuable insights into alpha startups
  • i3D Tokens: You receive 2000 i3D Tokens that will be airdropped to you to allow you to trade with, or stake for work in our i3D Arena for Due Diligence work once the protocol launches
  • Unique i3D Angel: in our first public collection you receive a beautiful minting of an i3D Angel inspired by the concept of angel investing, consensus building and the revolution in decentralised blockchain and crypto technologies

Part 2: i3D Token Airdrop immediate access to i3D Tokens with your NFT

Once the full mint is completed, a holder of an i3D Angel NFT, will receive their allocation of the i3D Token which grants them access to the other side of the marketplace. The i3D token will be available for trading or staking for work in the i3D Arena or i3D Rapid App. Our tokenomics ensure Fair Distribution for security and integrity in the i3D Protocol

    How to buy an angel Make it yours

    We’re using latest technology to make the process as easy as possible. Follow this handy guide to learn more!

    • Install the MetaMask browser extension if you don’t already have it. It is a wallet that works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave.
    • Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser window extensions and follow the steps to register an account if you don’t already have one. You will create a new password and the seed phrase during the process. If you do have an account you will need to connect to the existing MetaMask wallet using your password and the seed phrase (if required).
    • In order to Mint an i3D Angel, you need 200 Polygon(MATIC) coins. Connect the Polygon Network to your Metamask wallet by going to, finding Polygon Mainnet in the list, and clicking on “Connect Wallet”. Then “Add to Metamask”. Approve the new network and confirm switching to it.
    • In order to add MATIC to your MetaMask wallet, copy your Polygon address from the MetaMask window and use it for direct deposit from a Polygon wallet elsewhere, OR switch networks to Ethereum Mainnet, click “Buy” to buy Ethereum (either via MetaMask or using ETH direct transfer) and use the MetaMask “Swap” feature to convert this ETH to 200 MATIC.
    • Then come back to the website, refresh it if needed, and click on the Connect to the MetaMask button. Verify that your MetaMask uses Polygon Mainnet and click “Next” to confirm the connection. Make sure that you have at least 200 MATIC to complete the transaction. The Connect to Metamask will change to Mint.
    • Then Click “Mint” and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask pop-up.
    • You will receive a pop up confirmation of your purchase where you’ll need to provide your email. Once minting process is complete, we will use that email to send you the links to where you can view your i3D Angel and it’s attributes.

    Double Sided DATA Marketplace

    Problem: Predicting the success of early-stage start-ups is difficult due to the lack of data and the inflated costs of robust, affordable, and non-biased due diligence. Pre-screening thousands of opportunities is a time-intensive process for investors, incubators, accelerators, banks, and venture funds.

    • i3D Arena (webapp) allows anyone to register and conduct due diligence using our unique methodologies to score a startup. i3D Rapid (mobile), using gamification principles, allows a fun and engaging way to validate ideas and solutions about the startups
    • Scores are algorithmically collated to achieve rapid network consensus about a company
    • i3D Angel NFT holders get access to the data and rankings of the opportunities
    • Analysts are paid in the i3D Token which they also lock up while performing the work. Locked tokens are returned plus their new tokens when work is completed and validated

    What are i3D Tokens? i3D: Intelligent Distributed Due Diligence

    The i3D Token, together with the i3D Angel NFT, is the fuel for the engine of the full i3D Protocol. It is the foundation for the token floor price and allows participation in the protocol

    • Participants purchase the token to lock up while they perform work in the protocol. Once work is completed and validated, they receive the tokens back plus extra tokens for work done
    • Coming in May, network users who use the i3D Rapid App to grow and validate the network receive i3Dr reward tokens which they can use to get access to work. These are returned to the treasury (for new participants) and they are paid i3D Tokens for work completed
    • DESIGNED FOR CAPITAL PRESERVATION At mainnet launch a public sale of i3D Tokens will take place to seed a yield generating fund. This sale also brings new participants into the network
    • The returns from the yield fund are either used to 1. Grow the fund and increase the floor price of the token, 2. invest in identified startups based on voting, or 3. buy back i3D Tokens from the market to maintain price stability
    • Together with the utility based NFT, the design of the i3D Token creates an OPEN and REINFORCING feedback loop designed to maintain floor levels and add premium value to the i3D Protocol

    Meet our incredible Angels and get access to them right now

    i3D Angel Face

    The faceted face in every piece of art resides in the ether & recognizes the connecting of the i3D Network of individual nodes (investors and analysts)


    Different headpieces represent the ebb & flow of information from a vast and different network made possible through the effects of sharding and data engineering


    Different Eye adornments recognize the vision and contributions that individuals make to the analytical network where the sum is greater than the parts

    Colour Nodes & Facets recognize diversity and interconnectedness of the network

    Blue: Trust, Integrity, Reliable, Responsible, Clarity of Thought Red: Action, Power, Energy, Speed, Driven, Exciting, Determined

    Colour Nodes & Facets recognize diversity and interconnectedness of the network

    Orange: Adventurous, Self Confident, Vibrant, Fun, Sociable, Independent Green: Growth, Vitality, Respectful, Tactful, Loyal

    Colour Nodes & Facets recognize diversity and interconnectedness of the network

    Black: Intellect, knowledge, Wisdom, Security, Professional, Long-lasting

    i3D Angel

    The Angel Symbol embedded within each image, represents recognition of unity, and acceptance of consensus with a common goal of identifying the potential successes of the future

    Shards and Widgets

    These elements recognize all the different alpha projects waiting for analysis by the i3D Protocol


    An ambitious project such as the i3D Protocol involving multiple elements & requires a well thought through roadmap and tokenomic structure. We believe that our team has created a project with these exacting elements, recognizing the greater network of participants and that the rewards of i3D extends to them

    Nov 2019 company formed and concept validated

    Born out of Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, the concept of redefining how robust due diligence on alpha startups was developed

    September 2020 Whitepapers Completed

    Our team of Due Diligence experts, Blockchain analysts, and researchers spent nine months validating and producing our whitepapers

    November 2020 Friends and Family Funding

    A successful F&F round allowed for development of our MVP with teams from the UK, India, The Netherlands & South Africa all participating

    Q2 2021 MVP i3D Arena Completed and in testing
    Q4 2021 i3D Rapid and NFT designed

    The i3D Rapid App for Network Effects designed to ‘build plus reward’ a large and growing community for partaking in rapid validation of ideas. Access to this data is controlled by the i3d Angel NFT through smart code integration with the platform

    Q1 2022 i3D Angel NFT launches

    Paying homage to the Murmurations of Starlings, i3D Angel Murmurs represent the coming together of minds to bring order out of chaos. Each Murmur represents a strengthening of the network and growing power of consensus. Each Murmur increases in price as it gets ready for launch.

    Name: Genesis
    Launch: May 2022
    Number: 2222
    Tokens: 2000


    Name: Murmur 1
    Launch: June 2022
    Number: 3333
    Name: Murmur 2
    Launch: July 2022
    Number: 4444
    Name: Murmur 3
    Launch: August 2022
    Number: 5555
    Name: Murmur 4
    Launch: September 2022
    Number: 6666


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    Q3 2022 Complete Coding

    During this period we plan to complete the coding and API’s with our partners for the i3D Arena & i3D Rapid in preparation for full mainet launch

    Q4 2022 i3D and Upsilon Launch

    Mainet launch of full protocol and seeding of the DAO Upsilon Fund with the proceeds from the i3D Token proceeds

    Our Team. Who is really behind it all?

    Meet some of the team behind the i3D Protocol – cross sector experience with highly successful projects to their names

    Co-Founder & CEO Invluencer
    Mike Doyle
    • Bachelor of Commerce, Post Graduate Futures Studies

    • 2x Founder:

      Rule 17 Ltd in the UK – which grew to owning 4 X Pubs, 2 X Nightclubs and 4X youth hostels

      Mickey Doyles Construction in South Africa – which grew to a team of 58 employees involved in high end construction projects

      Has also successfully built a large team of 78 managing the roll out of a full sustainability and facilities program for an international school in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

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    CTO Invluencer
    Oswald Garlick
    • Network Engineering & Software Development

    • 2X Co Founder of and Vanirtech

      Servicing the financial services crypto arbitrage industry

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    CTO Keyko &
    Don Gossen
    • BSc Engineering, Computer Engineering

    • Serial Entrepreneur with extensive experience incubating and scaling ventures

    • 3x Founder & CEO:

      Nevermined – The world’s first decentralized collaborative computing platform

      Keyko – Web3 Innovation Hub

      Ocean Protocol – The world’s first decentralized data marketplace; $350M+ Market Capitalization

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    Board Advisor
    Florbella Yates
    • Head of Momentum Investment Consulting

    • Advises on Strategy and Network Growth

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    Technical Consultant
    Jonathan Els
    • Master of Science in Software Engineering

    • 2X Co Founder of and Vanirtech

      Servicing the financial services crypto arbitrage industry

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    CTO Keyko &
    Aitor Argomaniz
    • Deep Tech and Big Data expert with keen eye for talent and extensive track record of delivery

    • 2x Founder & CTO

      Nevermined – The world’s first decentralized collaborative computing platform

      Keyko – Web3 Innovation Hub

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    Law consultant
    Badri Natarajan
    • Advocate (India) and Solicitor (UK)specialising in international dispute resolution

      Advisor to cryptocurrency/blockchain companies on disputes and regulatory issues, with a particular focus on the Ethereum/Defi space

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    Apstory Founder
    Paul Schreuder
    • Internationally Experienced Technologist and 2X Founder

      Apstory (Pty) Ltd: Custom Cross-Platform Solutions, iOS, Android & Progressive Web Applications.

      Phlo: IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

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